PVC Cards

PVC Cards

PVC cards, 86mm x 54mm, similar to the standard bank card. These are available in many different options. Plain white PVC, standard thickness as used for a Photo Identification Card by Students, corporate and government institutions. Colour variants of the same. 

When used for Access Control, and ISO rated PVC card coupled to a range of technologies or even a combination of technologies are available. Here were are looking at the RFID card range in 125KHz or 13,5Ghz, Mifare (Classic, A, B, NDEF format) or then the Contact Smart Card range. Further to this a Magnetic strip, with or without a signature strip can also be added. 

A Barcode can be printed directly onto the card be it the standard vertical line barcode, the 1D or 2D PDF barcode with or without encryption and of course the QR code.

Technologies can be combined so that you can have a Photo ID card with a printed linear barcode and 2D barcode, a RFID circuit and a Contact Smart card chip. There are a range of options depending on Client requirement.

Access control tags also fall in this category.

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